Fallout 3 Mod is a Mod for Fallout 3 hoping to restore the fun from the original games by recreating them. We started back in late March and currently have a small team of volunteers working hard on this project. We are here to restore the original excitement, adventure, and dark humor we've all come to know. By using the G.E.C.K. from Bethesda we plan to make your favourite series to come alive again once more. Our mod is for: old users who can't seem to enjoy Fallout 3 as much as they did with the classics and for new users who want to play and learn more about where Fallout came from. We are one of the few large projects working on Fallout 3 mods at this scale and we need a great team to complete our task. For more information check out: Modders and other help (incluing Website design, Animation, character/world area modelling and 2D art development) are needed. So if you think you could help or just want to look around, go on over to the site. We will be waiting for you..........

However, as of 1st October 2011, the website is inaccessible and this mod is dead due to the lack of updates and manpower. Sadly, this mod joins the legions of other dead large scale mods and total conversions.

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