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The Fallout 2 total conversion mod "Shattered Destiny" by Lexx is the first of three chapters. In this mod, the player isn't the vault dweller or a chosen one, the player is just a guy like you and me in a post apocalyptic world that has been tortured over the years...

The work on this mod started in 2005 and over the last years, the content changed from a big total conversion with 6 or 7 new locations to a smaller total conversion in chapter-style. The main reason for this step was the lack of time and interested coworkers.

Chronic, added to the Fallout history:[]

28 March 2161 - Some unusually heavy armed raiders attacks a caravan... the caravan, where you are a hired guard of. Because of the superior equipment of the raiders, everybody dies... well, not really everybody. Under heavy fire you can save yourself behind a bigger rock in the wastelands.

12 April 2161 - the player enters a small location in the so called "Grand Guignol", an enormous valley, where in former times a flowering city confessed, but finally swallowed by the wild desert sand. Now the modification and the first part, "Shattered Destiny" starts.


  • 12 new maps
  • over 1000 new scripts
  • approx 75 new dialog files#
  • with more then 3500 new lines of text
  • a few new videos
  • new premade characters (with fallout 1 portraits)
  • and so on...

Has been released.

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