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Q: Can I mix and match the patches?

A: NO, the Fallout Update Mod v1.2.5 is NOT compatible with everything. It can be used with the official patch to v1.1 only. Don't make a mistake!

Q: What's the patch install order?


  1. Fallout Patch v1.2.x (semi-official)
  2. Fallout Patch v1.3.x (unofficial)
  3. Fallout NPC Mod v3.x

Optional Extras:

  1. Fallout Restoration Mod
  2. Fallout 1 High Resolution Patch
  3. Sfall - No longer being developed for Fallout 1, must use version 1.18e!


  1. Fallout Patch v1.2.x must be installed even if you game version already reads as 1.2.
  2. You have to start a new game after the installation of all patches and mods.
  3. Missing children, requires the children fix from [NMA] if you don't know if this applies, DL the patch anyway, it doesn't hurt.
  4. Current RC of semi-offical patch (v1.2.1) already bundled with children graphics fix. No additional download required.
  5. Nimrod's dialogue fixes are not compatible with the latest TeamX's patches until further notice.