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Fallout Revisited is a new version of the Fatal Damage Mod, its original download link is gone but can still be found here.


This mod changes weapon damages and armor stats to be more realistic. Damage values were calculated with help of 3G3 Guns! Guns! Guns! weapon design system. Earlier versions of the mod were released in Poland and were liked by players.


-No AC bonus from armor.
-Modified HP of civilians and some of opponents - some people had as little HP as 12
(a leftover from GURPS or what?).
-More random ranged weapons damage - FDM had unrealistically lethal firearms due to less random damage.
-No HP bonuses for higher level NPCs.
-Shotguns now fire salvoes of pellets which cause small damage to armored targets, but huge damage to unarmored ones.

Game world changes:
I fictionalized RL weapons and ammo (.44 Desert Eagle, .223) to fit the post WWII divergence and changed AK-112 to be more fitting to retrofuturistic USA.

1. Desert Eagle is a pop culture joke - it will stay that way, but as a "native" Fallout universe weapon with DE looks
(just as a 10mm Pistol and .223 Pistol). Its name is changed to 12mm Pistol.

2. .223 ammo was developed specifically for AR-15/M-16 - which is too "modern" for ''Fallout'''s retrofuturistic
Science-Fiction setting and doesn't honour the divergence.
Its name is changed to 6mm. Now, it's a cartridge developed in mid-70s to replace the aging 7mm.

3. AK-112. The WTF rifle. It uses American ammo (5mm) and is used by US Army 50s Sci-Fi USA, yet the name suggests
Soviet origin. I changed it to Springfield Armory CR-112 - an old military rifle developed in 2012.

Instructions: -Copy the DATA folder to Fallout's main folder. -The game engine doesn't allow giving additional hit points to player on level up, but they can be changed manually with a savegame editor.

From Fatal Damage Mod 1.0

Some of the new weapon damages:

10mm Pistol: 11-33
Desert Eagle .44: 13-40
Assault Rifle: 18-55
Hunting Rifle: 21-65
Rocket Launcher: 215-650

Programs I used to make this mod:

FIME, F2wedit, Dimms Mapper, Fallout2 Mapper.

Thanks to: Cubik (for tech help/testing an earlier version)