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Translated by Lord Yaar - 01.12.2003

Official website: Fallout Script Editor by Jargo

Latest program version: FSE 1.5a

Download links:

FSE version 1.5a (English)

Alternate download


The Fallout Script Editor (FSE) is designed to simplify scripter's work. You should remember that FSE is still in development, so please send all your comments and suggestions to the following address:

Current features are:[]

  • Configurable syntax highlighting
  • Smart auto completion of all standard functions... and their parameters.
  • Macros auto completion from selected header files
  • Suggestions for function parameters (borland-style pop-ups)
  • Quick help after clicking on a command (configurable)
  • A tool for easy inclusion of header files
  • A tool for finding references in scripts to *.MSG files
  • Editor for macros in header files
  • Tool for registering your script in scripts.lst scrname.msg scripts.h
  • Tools for registering global, local and map variables - Easy adding of new procedures
  •  Built-in conversation creator
  • A Noid-to-Interplay format converter (decompiler)
  • *.MSG file editor
  • This program works as an integrated development environment (one click and the compiled script is written into the right folder), with compiler error reporting in special window
  • It has the following advanced editing functions:

Killring  Advanced search and replace  Search in files Go to line  Go to procedure  Recently opened files  Bookmark system  and many more...

  • Map Editor in file maps.txt
  • City Editor in file City.txt
  • And many more add-ons

Copyright 2003 Jargo