Many people are asking about the FO2XP mod, so I suppose it needs a thread.

What is it?

The FO2XP mod makes the following modifications to the original FO2 game:

- Adds FOT critters - Adds FOT weapons - Adds FOT projectile animations - Adds additional weapons - Replaces most weapon sounds - Most weapon and ammo stats have changed - Kill types have been made more generic to accomodate new critters - Extra critters have been added to most maps - Contents of containers are randomly generated - Weapons wielded by foes are randomly generated - Store inventory is randomly generated and refreshed periodically - Includes the encounter booster - Includes the high resolution patch (800x600 only)

Where to get it?

Download - FO2XP-Alpha Dude-obj


The latest version is alpha 7-7. No work has been done on this mod since June 2005. It is playable but there are some bugs. The game may crash on occassion, so if you play it save your game regularly.


There are no plans to do further work on this mod. If anyone wants to keep working on it or take stuff from it, feel free to do so, but please mention credits to Corpse for weapons and weapon sounds, and Wild_Qwerty for the FOT conversions.

The original plan for this mod was to make a developer expansion, with new stuff to use in new mods. At some point I decided to just make it an FO2 expansion so people could try new weapons and critters. I am basically bored with the same old FO2 and want to return to the original idea of creating new content.

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