Vault-Tec Labs
  • Q. How do I install these mods?
  • A. Generally mods contain a "readme" file with a guide, I would recommend checking that out, before proceeding with this general guide, also before you attempt to install a mod, make sure FO2 works fine vanilla:
  1. Hold my hand.
  2. Install the version of Fallout 2 that takes up the largest amount of space i.e. Humoungus
  3. Check your FO2 folder, for a file called patch000.dat, if you have it delete or rename it. If you're using the PowerPC native Mac OS X port, you instead want to right click on the app and click "Show Package Contents", then navigate to /Contents/Resources/GameData/.
  4. Install the mod you downloaded, most of the time you simply copy and paste the files into your FO2 directory, some people get confused with the directory structure i.e. Fallout2/data/data, yes two data folders are supposed to be there, do not concern your self with the second unless your specific mod read me says so. For the PowerPC Mac OS X port, it's generally recommended to instead install them to ~/Library/Application Support/Fallout2/DATA/, but installation is otherwise the same.
  5. Set the entire proto folder to read-only, the proto folder is under Fallout2/data/proto; you simply need to right click on the folder and tick the read only box. If the box is already ticked don't trust your computer. This is the most crucial step, a hint of paranoia is an advantage. I would personally un-mark, save, and the re-mark the folder as read only, then I would check the individual files. Trust me you cannot be to careful here, this is where 90% of people go wrong.
  • Q. I followed the above guide to the letter, and it still wont work!
  • A. Some installs have unique problems, this is not always your fault; here are some things MIB88 recommends you try:
  1. Install the game and mod to a new location. Do not use the location

you usually use. Pick a new folder entirely or, better yet, a different partition of your hard drive.

  1. If you are going to uninstall a Fallout 2 game, you should also restart your computer after doing so, before reinstalling the game again.
  2. If you have installed the game many times on your computer and removed it, it might be a good idea to also run a registry cleaner.
  3. If you are using Winrar, when you look at your proto files to see if they are read only, they will say read only. Don't believe them. Uncheck all the read only boxes. Then, check them again.
  4. Look at the proto files' properties to verify they are read-only.
  • Q. I found this new bug where everything goes black and stuff! here I even have a screen shot for you!
  • A. Its a common problem, and nothing new. You went wrong installing the mod, most likely when marking you proto folder as read only.