Vault-Tec Labs

A total conversion mod of F2 into F1 by Jordan, this would provide many benefits, such as easier modding; the take all button and so on.

The project was far from finished and it seems that Jordan had disappeared as well. The download above is presumably not his final product. One could say this project was abandoned.

The current version the total conversion was available in supported:

  • Russian 1C Translation
  • Russian Fargus Translation
  • German
  • Polish
  • French
  • English


  • Extract the Konstruktor folder to your hard drive
  • Open the folder, find and double-click build_scripts.bat and wait until the command-line finishes
  • Double click on the appropriate build_"your language".bat file and wait until the command-line window finishes, i.e. if your language is English then double-click on build_english.bat
  • You should now have a new folder named F1ToF2Conversion_"your language" i.e. if your langauge is English then it'll be named F1ToF2Conversion_English


Open the F1ToF2Conversion_"your language" and then the data folder and then proto, right-click on the critters folder, go to properties and then look down toward the bottom of the window that pops up and make sure there's a check mark in the box next to Read-Only and click on the OK button

  • Copy the F1ToF2Conversion_"your language" folder to your Fallout 2 directory
  • Copy master.dat and critter.dat from your Fallout 1 folder into the F1ToF2Conversion_"your language" folder
  • Open the F1ToF2Conversion_"your language" folder, double-click the install.bat and then wait until the command prompt finishes
  • Double click patcher.exe and you should see fallout.exe be created
  • Now you're all done if you did everything right, then you're ready to double-click the fallout.exe file and play

Here is a list of folders and files you can delete if you'd like to clean up the F1ToF2Conversion_"your language" folder once you're done

  • bin
  • source
  • ssl
  • critter.dat
  • fallout2.exe
  • install.bat
  • master.dat
  • patcher.exe
  • patcher.txt



Sduibek has suggested to incorporate this total conversion into his Fallout Fixt and his own total conversion mod in which the former originally made for Fallout 1, but will eventually be moved to Fallout 2.