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An Egyptian mod environment is possible, for Fallout 4, with your help. Here is what we have so far:

Requesting modders' help

We are requesting PC modders to strip these Fallout 4: Destiny 2 armors (ported by Adventfather) into separate armor pieces so that they can be worn by Player, Settlers, Raiders, Tribals, and some Gunners (Download the armor pack here). Variations of these armor pieces, broken down, can give awesome wearable parts. Currently they come in full robes with their accessories imbued into their robes. Helmets are separate, but standalone, there is no neck mesh.

This FO4: Destiny 2 armor pack has Egyptian garb for Anubis, Bastet, Horus, and Egyptian headwear components. There are even a few Legionary helmets that can be used for a Caesar's Legion remake. Colors of the armors need to reflect crimson red.


An awesome pyramid blueprint for Sunshine Tidings Co-op, is provided by DrNonchalant at Nexusmods. This pyramid is fully functional if you are able to download all of its core requirements. Blueprints are functional through Transfer settlements mod.

Pyramid bluprint at Spectacle Island is provided by jugbender at Nexusmods.