Created by Sokil in Russian originaly, and translated by Team MIB into Eng.

The mod adds a new town to the game - Collyweb, and it includes:

 - 2 new maps.
 - 2 new items.
 - 11 plot characters.
 - 7 overt and more than a dozen covert (the one that are not put down in pip-boy) quests 
 - approximately 170 Kb of fairly extensive dialogues.  

The main stress in this mod is made on the plot; the communication with incidental characters. In this matter I was guided by Planescape: Torment. I`m not going to judge myself about the fact whether I have succeeded in this field. At any case, I`ve tried to do my utmost for the characters not to look like quest-machines :)

How can one discover the town? Just stick to the plot and soon (in Klamath) you will meet a character, who will tell you about the Collyweb.


This mod is included in the MIB88 Megamod 2.35.

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