• Endocore

    Domain Change to Fandom

    October 27, 2018 by Endocore

    You may or may not have noticed the Fallout modding wiki has a new url. Our service provider is reorganizing all websites and moving them to and they selected us for "early migration testing" along with many others.

    They say all existing pages will get automatic redirects to the new urls. No problem, as long as that's permanent. They also say they're investing in some tech so that search engine results for pages on our wiki don't fall off a cliff. We'll have to wait and see whether that is accurate. However, there's not much we can do about it, except hope for the best.

    The main thing to keep in mind is that from now on, when posting links to articles or other content here, use the new url by replacing with f…

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  • Endocore

    I recently updated my Fallout Tactics Redux mod to version 1.3. A list of changes and modifications is included in the mod's documentation, but some folks are interested in browsing the changelog specifically-- so here it is.

    Q: What's new in version 1.3 of Fallout Tactics Redux (November 2015)?

    A: This is a minor update, mostly addressing a few issues that were forgotten in version 1.2 and a few small bugs reported by players. Some trivial changes (to text files, etc) are not recorded. "Bugfixes" indicates a problem in the original game was addressed, while "Modifications" covers a broad range of changes.


    --Bugfixes: The perk "Demolitions Expert" has never displayed an associated image, because the filename of the zar was spelled…

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  • Endocore

    I recently released an update to version 1.2 of my mod Fallout Tactics Redux.  Something I did differently while working on the update was to keep a detailed log of all the changes I made to the game, which turned out to be helpful to me in keeping track of things as the project took several months.

    That log is included in the mod's documentation, but I decided to also post the log separately since there are folks interested in looking at that material specifically.  But there seems to be some problem with the original place I posted the log, the webpage has been unavailable for 24 hours, so I'll post it here as well for reference.

    Changelog for Fallout Tactics Redux version 1.2 by Endocore, September 2015

    --"Bugfixes" means a problem in the …

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  • Sduibek

    Renaming and/or moving wiki pages is a good thing, but leaving a redirect is absolutely essential. Presumably this applies to all wikis, not just this one.

    Moving or renaming a page means you thought it would be better to have a different title, and changed it. Wikis thrive on, and indeed only exist because of, this kind of community involvement. Thank you! You have just helped to improve and evolve the wiki.

    That being said, there's a lot of old stuff on the Internet. Out-dated XML Sitemaps, cached pages, mirrored pages, the Wayback Machine, pages not getting crawled as often as they should, etc. If you don't know what some of those things are, that's okay. The point is, if you move or rename a page without a redirect, all those sources wil…

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  • Ghouly89

    So, here we are Vault-Tec Labs. It's 2015 and Fallout 2 still has a thriving community of enthusiastic modders churning out new content nearly 17 years later. In revisiting the wikia (with some luck remembering my login info here and on many other Fallout sites) I've quickly come to the realization that many beloved projects that have long since disbanded and left their works in the dust of internets past never backed up their progress on here, nor do any of the active, long-running mod endeavors have a properly formatted environment to archive their progress on.

    Although the wikia has been pushed by a vigilant few as the holy beacon for modders to publish any and all resources related to modding the old titles, there is still much work to …

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  • Dotz
    • Gecko-Enclave talk is possible after blowing out the oil rig. If it is not a bug, there are a lot of interesting conclusions. Eg. there is another no-mainland Enclave base with a president and verti-assault team. Plugged into Poseidonet of course.
    • verti-assault team during special encounter is quite diffrent from one present in Fallout 2 intro (number of soldiers, weapons).
    • Vault 15 entrance issue (one in Fallout is diffrent from one in Fallout 2)--dotz (talk) 12:17, October 24, 2014 (UTC)
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  • Hellrazordirty

    Ok, keeping this short and sweet, my goal for this game is to create a hardcore gamesave for Fallout 3 since there is no hardcore mode like that which is in Fallout New Vegas.

    The latest update is that if I were to remove all of the hud- in particular... the info displaying your health, ammo count and the enemies located, the pipboy wouldn't work and you wouldn't see nothing. So for the time being, this sadly isn't something I can do....

    But everything else works great.

    These are the differences from the vanilla game, compared to this gamesave.... 1. changes to the player making the game more difficult...intake of more damage and radiation for example... 2. more customized player homes... 3. more enemies and traders 4. adding back cut conten…

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  • Lostabroad2

    Bug report -The Den

    December 4, 2012 by Lostabroad2

    Apologies if the report wasn't in keeping with the page format. Feel free to edit or delete it. I'm just trying to help.

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  • Master*

    Need some time to recover. Part of life in any way. All groundwork on project, I took myself. Hope dies last..

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  • Tristan666

    it would be help full to know

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  • Master*

    First day

    April 13, 2011 by Master*

    My first day in the English-speaking community (not counting the NMA) :)

    But I think, I will.

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  • Ghouly89

    Wiki updates 11-21-10

    November 22, 2010 by Ghouly89

    Hello fellow modders, Ghouly here!

    I have not had the pleasure of posting a blog ever before in my life, so bear with me as I deliver the good news, the bad news, and any updates I want to give to you, that is if anyone besides is reading (*Maniacal laugh, followed by -10 Karma for Ghouly*). Unfortunately, this edition will be very boring and uneventful with no pictures or eye candy, but hopefully more interesting blogs will follow. Well, enough of my babbling, time to get to the content...

    Hey hey, that old thing? That's right, it's still here on the wiki! So to all you modders: don't hesitate to upload your custom art up on here! If you need any assistance with uploading your FRM's, you can always ask yours truly to help, or Dude101, if he'…

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  • Dude101

    Custom Art Repository etc

    September 5, 2010 by Dude101

    You may have noticed the shiny Custom Art Repository on the main page. Wikia has kindly agreed to host FRM files here for us. If you have art you want to share please do :) there are still some issues though: large tile and critters packs obviously have hundreds of FRMs and we cannot host archives, so if you want to release a tile / critter pack, create the table and link to a megaupload or any other temporary link, and PM me or Ghouly. We will create a permanent Atmomic Gamer link, so people can still download and enjoy your art in years to come. Feel free to create an account with and upload to atomic gamer your self though.


    We will be ripping apart existing mods and showcasing there art in the repository. This will take some tim…

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  • Ralok

    Fallout 2161

    August 22, 2010 by Ralok

    I represent a fallout 3 mod dedicated to ressurecting the original fallout games into fallout 3 format

    If you know how to mod please sign up on moddb

    We have some shady sands assets ingame too, not entirely working but they are there have a nice day

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  • Cubik

    FO2 Combat Tweaks Mod

    April 11, 2010 by Cubik

    FO2 Combat Tweaks Mod v1.31

    What is doing:

    - fixes AP ammo

    - tweaks melee attack type (swing and thrust)

    This mod is compatible with vanilla Fallout2 and with Fallout2: Restoration Project 2.

    v 1.0

    - fixed AP ammo for making more damage against armored targets and JHP against unarmored (low armored)

    - tweaked melee attacks:

    swing - better for unarmored or weak armored targets
    thrust - better for medium or haevy armored targets

    v 1.1

    - fixed bugged BURST attack type (it didn't work!)

    v 1.2

    - fixed bugged min_dmg value for melee attacks (it was read always as "0" for random damage before calculations)

    - added 10% chance for critical damage for "thrust" attack type

    v 1.21

    - fixed "thrust" attack type (it didn't substract -30% from targets armor DR prop…

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  • Endocore

    If you're going to dream, dream big.

    With that thought in mind, I made a new world map for Fallout 2. It's based on a satellite photo of the western United States (that I heavily reworked in Paint Shop Pro to add character and detail), and is the maximum size the game engine can handle (10 by 10 tiles). The full-size image would be 3500 by 3000 pixels, but since that's far too big to post here is a drastically resized overview (with an overlay showing the real-world areas encompassed by the new, bigger map):

    I'm pretty happy with the level of detail I was able to achieve while reworking the map. For example, here's an actual size (as it would look in the game) slice of the map from the area around New Reno:

    The graphics work for the map is al…

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  • Endocore

    While Fallout 2 has lots of weapons and armors, I've always thought it was lacking in items that, while trivial, would add a little extra flavor to the game.

    Here are some minor items I designed. I'll update this page as I come up with more or improve the artwork on existing items.

    Tools needed: Frame Animator, FO2 Mapper, text editor (Windows Notedpad works fine for this)

    Step 1: Save the image file from this page as a bmp.

    Step 2: Open Frame Animator, start a new project, and paste one of the images below to make a one-frame image. Click "Create FRM" and save your new frm (save it with a name containing 8 characters or less, for example 12345678.FRM).

    Step 3: Move your new frm to your Fallout2\data\art\inven directory. Open up the "Inven.l…

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  • Dude101

    Mod Blog 19/01/2010

    January 20, 2010 by Dude101

    There has been a secret art war between Fallout: Between Good and Evil and Mutants Rising for some time, but it looks like Killap is going to win: .Pixote. has spent "approximately 1000+ hours throughout 2009 laboring over [his] project of love", and has made "close to 1000 new [pieces] of artwork", for the Restoration Project. The vanilla and custom area maps have apparently been pimped, and FO2 will be a fresh gaming experience again.

    I can't wait to rip apart the data folder :) and play the game of course.

    Continuum is going public with his new love of talking head creation. He appears to be making Sulik's sister. He recently made an ubber TH for us at MR, and I hope more people will come out of the wood work to create Moar TH.


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  • Ausir

    Fallout 3 mods now on the 360

    January 17, 2010 by Ausir

    A user called gir on the Xbox Scene forum has figured out how to put Fallout 3 PC mods on the Xbox 360, which until now was impossible.

    Ok, I'll explain it the best I can. Firstly, I used xexloader to install fallout 3 to an external usb hd from the retail disc. (I already had the expansion packs installed) It would probably work just as well if you installed to the internal hd.

    Anywhos... I then connected the hd to my computer where I used xextool to patch the xex to the latest version using the method outlined here.

    Then, I edited the fallout3.ini as instructed by the "manual" instructions from this.

    Then I took the contents of the mod and put them in their respective places in the fallout 3 directory.

    I had noticed earlier that the title updat…

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  • Dude101

    New Years modding update

    December 31, 2009 by Dude101

    Ardent released a demo of his FO2 TC mod (Ardent's Fallout 2 Mod). I have not had a chance to play it yet, but there is a huge amount of text which is really impressive. The first impressions seem very good, so grab the demo and give it a go.

    Our mod Mutants Rising has released an OST, links to DL can be found in the press release

    SFall now requires the US version of Fallout2.exe, so if you are wondering why it does not work, this is probably the reason. You can grab the US exe in the official US patch.

    It now includes multiplayer support! which I have not had a chance to try out properly. I am having trouble working out how to it works.


    Hmt posted this video on Fallout.Ru, he/she is current…

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  • Dude101

    Ghoster of Infinite Fall has released some more screenshots of the mod and it is looking promising.

    Jesterka of Fallout: Between_Good and Evil has posted some more concept art which potentialy shows the main means of transport around the PA world they are contructing.

    X'il has finished and released yet more critters. There has also been some more movement on the new black dude project as well.

    There is also an organised effort to create more critters for Fonline, which will have allot of cross over resources for FO2 modding (they are working with FO2 FRM as well), so it is worth watching their progress as well. Incidentialy there are some interesting new critter sprites on their web forum.

    In related news, Bog released an intersting new pr…

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  • Dude101

    Fallout: The Wastes! although still in development, this one has caught my eye. I am not a huge fan of Tactics, but the Awaken mod kept me sane (Thanks guys), whilst waiting for FO3 (grrrr). Tactics does not offer the kind of interaction with the story and people of the game world FO1 and 2 does, but there have been a few developments over the years with speach trees. Now check this out:

    This is an in game screen shot from the mod. Tactics looks like it will have real dialogue trees! cool. I was not a huge fan of the token system developed before (Having a coloured tokens in hand to select options), but this looks to be a pretty decent hud for interaction, with no immersion breaks as with the token system. Excited?


    I also found t…

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  • Dude101

    Most of you should be aware that Interplay included Killap's Fallout 2 patch and Timeslip's Sfall, without permission or even consultation with the authors in their Trilogy and Steam re-releases of Fallout 2. They where also uncredited for their hard work. The patch was an earlier buggier version funnily enough, and Killap was only unhappy they did not ask him/her for the latest version. The version of Sfall they included had a very nasty bug in it (hilarious).

    Well it turns out Sfall may contain GPL code, and the way it was packaged in the steam release of FO2 automatically infects the game with a GPL licence... which means they are obligated to provide the sourcecode! Timeslip is trying to clarify if GPL code is indeed in her mod, as …

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  • DKid666

         Hello wasteland explorers, plunderers, and saviors!!! I'm DKid666 (same as my XBOX LIVE gamertag) and I want to see your mods. I want to see some of your best modding work. If you want to show off your mods then you can post various screenshots you have of said mods at this blog. All of your screenshots will be greatly appreciated, and I thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. PLEASE POST!!! 

                                                                                                                                                                  --DKid666 21:47, December 3, 2009 (UTC)

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  • Dude101

    I mentioned in my previous blog that Dominion was now recruiting testers (Russian only I think), and the mod looks like it is very much alive, after a long period in the Dead Mods section. Pavel has released two extremely high quality in cut scenes to generate some more interest. The showcase video is truly awesome, and the second video is sure to gives you butterflies in your chest as it is of a well known location in FO2 (Arroyo).

    Video: Arroyo paradise

    Video: Dominion showcase

    Some very nice screen shots

    On a side note the new Russian Van Buren TC Fallhope (again mentioned in the previous blog) is getting very serious. I have been and still am sceptical about this mod, but the creator Dred2 has allot of heart, and he has made some very qu…

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  • Dude101

    F2 mods news - 15/11/09

    November 15, 2009 by Dude101

    The quite famous (well in the old days), Dominion mod recently came out of modding hell, and it has also recently begun play testing. It's a real shame though as this is another high quality Russian mod we will never play in English. Team MIB is dead, and there is no one to do this work now. I still have an almost complete translation of Global mod, but it would take me at least 6 hours to release a semi-high quality patch, as I have hundred of edited MSGs to go through MIB88 sent me. Without the rest of the translation and the lack of interest by everyone, I feel less than motivated to do this.

    Dred2 announced (well not quite) his / her F2-VB-TC Fallhope on TeamX There is no real solid information yet. I am waiting on something concr…

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  • Dude101

    FO2 Modding Blog

    November 11, 2009 by Dude101

    I thought maybe it would be a good idea to start a mod blog, for FO1 and 2 modding news. I spend allot of my time working on Mutants Rising and keeping up with the many modding communities on-line, so I may as well make notes for your pleasure every other week. I do keep up with FO3 modding, but it is not my main interest. Tactics has very little in the way of news these days, and there is so little interest in it, that no one has done any work on the Fallout_Tactics_tutorials (modding guide) page.

    Fallout:_Shattered_Destiny_2 was officially announced, and it looks to be a very interesting mod. Lexx is a great modder, and is also working on FOnline: 2238. The big feature in this mod IMO is the new talking head which you can find a pic …

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