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Awaken v1.4 by []

Awaken is a Fallout Tactics total conversion mod. It uses its engine but includes completely new storyline. It is based on Fallout 1 and offers about 30 hours of play in the Fallout world. It is done by fans and for fans (didn't I hear that somewhere?) and it is freeware. There is a Polish version of this mod, but an English pack exists too.

In short terms this mod makes Fallout Tactics into almost full featured RPG.

Download II Homepage

There is a new patch v1.41d ENG for Awaken mod v1.4: Download patch

Changes made by patch:

  1. Larger range of sniper rifle, AK-108 S rifle, 223 Pistol
  2. Changes to stats of armors (DT/DR stats and smaller weight)
  3. Tesla Armour is better than Combat Armour (because is rare).
  4. Suehe can wield armours now.
  5. The leather in Suehe's inventory is now as special armour. Only Suehe can wear it.
  6. Gontar from Necropolis tells few words more about the hive of Technologists.
  7. Super Prod quest for a man from basement in Bandit locations works now.
  8. Smaller requirements for lockpicking for the back doors and the safe or bank in New Chicago.
  9. Fixed a small village to the south of Vault 32. There was impossible to exit from the locations if Crowa is on the player team.
  10. Crowa has some improvements. Has bigger weight of inventory.
  11. Some special encounters are tinckered:

Kmieciu4ever - 3 more ufo's

Polish Wasted - more "jerry" in the fridge and Mefiu has two lines of dialogues ;)

Blacksmith - more cash in barterman inventory

12) Entering to train could be easier now.

13) Smaller worldmap - cuted off left and right unused areas.

14) Position of several locations are changed a bit: this will refresh worldmap gaming ;)

15) Better medic and doctor bags, better repair tools, better lockpicks.

16) Changed the sound of repairing of alcohol machine in basement in New Chicago.

17) Changed stats of default player hero Max Stone. Has tagged small arms, steal, lockpick.

18) Added new encounters on worldmap: wild dogs, wild brahmin, radscorpions, roach, comodo's

19) Some edges of the worldmap have tougher encounters. You can feel, that there is nothing on wasteland but only dangerous creatures.