A total conversion of Fallout 2, made chiefly (but not only) by Ardent. The mod takes place a few years after the events of Fallout 2 in the today’s States of Oregon and Washington.

Ardent's Mod has been in development since early 2009. No final release date has been announced. Currently, the mod's development is put on hold, due to Ardent's involvement with Mutants Rising.


Your character lives in a backwater town of Duston. You are sent on a routine errand which takes an unexpected turn and throws you in the middle of a clash for power and for the very last remaining natural resources.


  • Varied locations and NPCs
  • Open-ended quests with multiple solutions
  • Choices with substantial impact on gameplay
  • Plot which can be explored either by joining the "good guys" or the "bad guys"
  • Four basic character types: Fighter, Diplomat, Thief, Scientist
  • Food system
  • More challenging World Map travel
  • More stress on melee and unarmed fighting
  • More radiation, poison, traps and diseases


A demo has been released on December 30, 2009. It is available here

The demo in numbers:

  • Mod size (non-compressed): 127 Mb
  • 33 new inventory items
  • 80 new scenery objects
  • 96 new walls
  • 31 new tiles
  • 23 new maps
  • 248 new or modified scripts
  • 180 new dialogue files

The demo can be discussed on No Mutants Allowed forum

Video reviewEdit

The demo was reviewed by Generation Fallout website. The video review (including an interview with Ardent) is available here. (in French)

Bug ReportsEdit

  • Post bugs you find in the demo version here.
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