Vault-Tec Labs


  • from Bonnie Springs spawn location, exactly NNW (cardinal direction), going between a boulder and a short tree, reaching the paved road, go N-bound on it, not far after on the W side of the road will be a group of 4 short trees, just past it (still on the road) is Manhole to Bonnie Springs Sewer.
  • in Bonnie Springs Sewer take the 1st right, W-bound, then other 1st right N-bound, and NW of that corner is Power Plant B Reactor
  • avoiding going S while E-bound, there will be Power Plant B
  • there will be an exit to Underground Ghost Town
  • almost directly E, there will be Dead Man's Pass, which access is locked, see section Cleanup Crew
  • it will lead to Residential Sector


This page was created from a link on Underground town which label is "next shortest route" in the point for before quest I Spy is completed, so there are shorter routes to get to Underground town from vanilla.

Cleanup Crew[]

In Dead Man's Pass, after navigating through Seargant McMillan dialogue, the quest Cleanup Crew will be offered which goal is

Hunt down and kill Blaze.

accepting it, he'll hand you Dead Man's Pass Key, which unlock the door to Underground Ghost Town, where the target is located.


By refusing Cleanup Crew, the door Dead Man's Pass Key is for, from Underground Ghost Town has a very hard unlock, and from Dead Man's Pass has either an average locked terminal or a very hard unlock.