Vault-Tec Labs

Redoubt 06AF14 vanilla exit 1 should be somewhere behind the lattice pillar on this image above the horizontal beam a few feet above the floor if AWOP would have been installed.


Redoubt	Reimann Bunker LtR position	Vanilla exit 1	Exit 2	Exits notes
007	1	N/A		
016B	2	N/A		
0291A	3	Hidden Valley Bunker		The E-most Bunker, which entrance is closest to the trail that split to crater and N passage to Scorpion Gulch. Right after the door SW of the interior campfire is a nest-like entrance.
03S4	4	N/A		
04RR8	5	Radiological Research Facility		In the Mesquite Mountains Crater bunker, not far from the suspended bridge.
055VA	6	Vault 21 Waste Disposal		After convincing Rose the Courier isn't working for Mr. House and promises to not reveal upcoming information, she'll give Vault 21 Waste Room Key and Instructions for Vault 21 Redoubt Access. ~15' before the Vault 21 rented room there's a corridor which at the end is Door to Vault 21 Waste Disposal (~12' before is an 11-step staircase which at its top can see a windows that overlook the main game room, going further leads to its mezzanine). Since the door is locked on the Vault 21 side, (a) the electrical switch need to activated according to the instructions then (b) the lock disengaged through the terminal, before being able to exit.
06AF14	7	Nellis Array Generators	Nellis AFB	(1) Door just above basement line with short staircase to get to it; its bottom is near the staircase bottom to reach the mezzanine. (2) A cave just outside the base, E of the train track.
07GV18C	8	Xander Bay		In Deathclaw promontory SE corner, behind the 2 dead prospectors, there's a cave entrance.