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A World Of Pain Mlix initial location depends on whether Tech Raiders are dealt with

If no longer a companion, she will be at The Immortals' Shack.


Mlix mention she's an alien, immortal, a shapeshifter stuck in a form, and have high regeneration. After Tech Raiders are dealt with, she says Major Cobb authorized her to join the Courier (and by doing so becoming a companion).

She uses an energy weapon that seems to be a Laser RCW, or a variant of it; it should be included in one (or more) in the Images section.


It seems she's always in Major Cobb command however, after Tech Raiders are dealt with, she seem to be affiliated with Corporal Iapicca (see about that on Iapicca's page).


Given by[]

  • The Immortals: Its content is "Find The Immortals' Shack" and is just that as Mlix gives the key to it.