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A World Of Pain (AWOP) is an extensive mod created by David LeMaistre, aka "Dj Mystro", that aims to add more to Fallout: New Vegas, with new locations, new NPCs, new quests, and new equipment, using only existing assets from the original game.


Player Housing[]

  • Goodsprings Abandoned Shack: Located in Goodsprings next to Doc Mitchell's house.


This section name refers to the fact it is located under the ground, not to something named Underground.


There's a teleportation network which hub is in Reimann Bunker. Not all destinations have an exit in vanilla content. The following is part of the full table, which should eventually be on Redoubts:

Name (default Redoubt #) Vanilla exit 1 Exit 2 Notes
0291A Hidden Valley
04RR8 Mesquite Mountains Crater
055VA Vault 21 Going in New Vegas Strip without otherwise be allowed entrance wasn't tested (which could be a fatal mistake).
06AF14 Nellis Array Generators Nellis AFB
07GV18C Deathclaw promontory
Reimann Cave Near the intersection of Red Rock Canyon and Boulder City, slightly W of it.

Goodsprings, Makeshift Great Khan Camp and Reimann Cave

[1] See whole Pipboy display of image. [2]


Masterwork Equipment[]

A World Of Pain adds upgraded versions of original gear tagged with an "M" at the end of the name. Improved quality of masterwork equipment can sometimes be enough to surpass unique equipment, and even Gun Runner's Arsenal (GRA) equipment.

See also List of AWOP Equipment.


If mod weapons are included in the following, note that they might not benefit from perks (ie: a GRA weapon seems better but as it doesn't benefit from a perk relating to accuracy, it's a lot less attractive when not in short-range).

  • Gatling Laser Mk II: with vanilla (non-AWOP) mods, same DAM & 149.7% DPS of Sprtel-Wood 9700 (GRA).
  • Minigun Mk II: with vanilla mods, 113.3% DAM, 120.4% DPS & 212.5% capacity of CZ57 Avenger.
  • Varmint rifle II: with vanilla mods, same DAM, 74.5% DPS & 125% capacity of Ratslayer (night vision & silencer are nice bonuses).



Name Location Repair skill
Elias Underground Market Sector 90
Hayward Broadcast Building Upper Level 100
Riazanov Apartment Office 100
Rose Redoubt 055VA[3] 80
Salamone Underground Armory 80


The columns with an X mark ("✗") or checkmark ("✓") are a Category sold.

Name Location Weapons Apparel Aid Misc Ammo
Adornetto Underground Bar
Dagmar Underground Diner
Elias Underground Market Sector
Frankie Frankie's Guns & Ammo
Reed Reed kiosk
Rose Redoubt 055VA[3]
Salamone Underground Armory
Schulze kiosk in Underground Market Sector
Tecoult dance floor kiosk, in Residential Sector
Underground Doctor Broadcast Building Middle Level


Name Location 1 Location 2
Masseling Underground Market Sector near Trapper's Pass entrance
Mlix Trooper Barracks Underground East Sector near Tech Raider Barracks entrance

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  1. The arrowhead center is the door location and its direction is which the Courier enters.
  2. The image blue overlay is to mark the Red Rock Canyon & Boulder City intersection. To get to Vanilla exit 1: Just N of Doc Mitchell house, follow the road. At the 1st Keep out sign go up the mountain keeping an eye on the road. A bit north will be a cliff following it, walk on the cliff. When perpendicular to the 2nd Keep out sign, the entrance will be almost directly WNW.
  3. 3.0 3.1 This should link to the Redoubts page but since it's a stub, the incomplete information should be looked at in this page Teleportation section.