A mod in the in the works by the legendary modder Lich


The current mod size is:

21 locations (34 map levels) 3L 8M 10S 175 scripts (similar scripts for many npcs) 5 graphic (only few for introduce, menu)

Progress: 90% maps 90% npc 50% testing 5% SPECIAL 20% alternate endings

13V is name of mainframe, v-tec computer which has chosen you to go outside vault. The main quest is similar to Fallout1; find some parts to replace, and later kill mutants. Its not exactly Fo1, but it's an alternate vision: every map and npc is different.

Maps are more detailed and original, many concepts have never seen before in FO2 mods. Thw location size infers there content. Large=towns, Medium=v-tec, Small=encounters.

Random encounters have been removed and special encounters are like normal locations. Small location don't mean that map is in fact "small" they are big and multi leveled.

Already it's 100% adventure, it contains hundreds of dialogs and none of them are hack & slash. This project begin as a parody similar to Dangerous Quest and has grown into a total conversion. NPCs have short universal dialog structures (for a large amount of npcs) and are usually funny. It has a few big quests and each will lead to true a alternate ending, and will reveal hidden maps and npc.

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